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Only Known Strategic Tin Resource in Europe

Tin is the essential and only environmentally acceptable material for use in modern electronic solder in Europe.  This is the result of the Reduction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) directive, brought into effect by the European Union in 2006, that banned the use of lead in solder.  Subsequently this ban was enforced in most of the world`s leading economies

Tin demand continues to grow in order  to meet  the world wide thirst for electronic goods.

No major new tin deposit has been discovered in the past 40 years. Exploration for tin was discouraged by over supply of the metal from 1985 until approximately 5 years ago. New mine production of tin has therefore stagnated and grown by less than 1% since the year 2000.

As Europe is a major user of electronic solders, having its own domestic source of tin is strategically of great importance. Europe`s economic and political stability stands in sharp contrast to many of the other tin producing areas of the world.  An additional attraction is that this part of  Spain has :

1) Excellent infrastructure

2) An enviable climate

3) An exceptional level of local and regional  support

4) A skilled mining work-force

5) Guaranteed security of tenure

6) An attractive fiscal regime

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